Author: Amber Powers - Powers Digital Marketing

You might be asking yourself, “Self… Why would you want to spend a couple of hours eating delicious (and authentic) Mexican food, learning how to Salsa, drinking Black Acre brews – and as the cherry on top of that hot fudge sundae – you’re supporting an incredible cause?” No… no. Nevermind. You wouldn’t ask yourself that because that would be RIDICULOUS!

You may (or may not) have heard that we are putting on a block party to be remembered. It’s to celebrate the Grand Opening of La Mexi-Gringa and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only because we have an incredible day lined up for you, but we also are doing this, in part, to donate a portion of the proceeds to The PourHouse. The PourWHO??

We’re glad you asked. The PourHouse was founded by Andrea De Mink. Some may say it was established by accident, but we don’t believe this was any accident. The story goes a little like this:


Andrea used to be employed as a temporary employee by a company based on Monument Circle. One day, as she was heading to lunch, she saw a man digging through a dumpster for food. She began processing what was going on and had a realization that this man’s only choice, if he wanted to survive, was to eat what someone else had thrown away. At that moment, she decided to approach the man, ask him if she could buy him a hot dog… and from that moment on… a friendship was forged.

As painful as it was, Andrea began to realize that as much as she didn’t want to own stereotypes regarding anyone – she did grapple with stereotypes regarding homeless people. She began to let those stereotypes go and as she did, her friendship with this homeless man grew. As her relationship with him grew – she truly began to view him as a human. And individual. A friend.

With that genuine relationship came a desire to help him. She emphasizes that she didn’t want to take him on as a project… “I didn’t want to fix him. He was my friend… and I do what friends do for one another. I helped.”

Andrea found herself sitting on Monument Circle with a box full of popsicles to hand out. Time passed and more and more homeless were drawn to sit and share their lives with her. More friendships were fashioned and she continued doing what friends do… helping.

Andrea began an IT consulting role, which allowed more schedule flexibility. With that flexibility, she spent more time listening and helping the Indianapolis homeless community. In time, she realized, “Hey… I’m actually doing something with this.” With that, in 2005, The PourHouse officially became a Non-Profit to benefit the homeless community of Indianapolis.

In the past 24 months, The PourHouse has facilitated (with the help of Continuum of Care) housing for 62 homeless people. They hold street outreach to reach chronically homeless or those that have mental health barriers. The PourHouse also provides necessities to make it while living on the streets. “Just in the past week, we’ve passed out over 300 pairs of socks.” De Mink said.


Sounds like Rita Franco, owner of La Mexi-Gringa, and Andrea De Mink have something in common. They’re both accidental entrepreneurs.  Kindred spirits have a way of supporting one another – and that’s why Rita chose to make this block party something more meaningful. Showcasing local entrepreneurs is a passion for her. Accidental or intentional.

If you aren’t able to make it to the Block Party, but you would still like to help, don’t fret. If you’d like to know if you can provide the necessities, such as socks – or if you would like to donate money… You’re in luck. Just click here and The PourHouse has made it easy. They let you know what they need and you provide it.

We look forward to seeing you on September 19th! Bring a healthy appetite! We have a surprise for you….

TAMALES ARE BACK at the Block Party and every Friday and Saturday after that!!!

We’ll see you Saturday, September 19th from 2pm – 8pm!